The Story of Beartterfly: Chapter 4

“Kids, we’re home,” said Mom. 

Evelyn and Hunter came down the stairs slowly as if sick.
“So we have some big news,” said Dad 

“I’m pregnant,” said Mom. 

“What!” said Evelyn and Hunter. 

The Story of Beartterfly: Chapter 3

“We did it, they are gone,” said Hunter excitedly. 

“Okay, but now what do we do?” said Beartterfly. 

“Well we can go to this abandoned warehouse on 11th street. I heard it's been vacant for 20 years!” said Evelyn. 

“Sure,” said Beartterfly. 

Once the group got there, they performed a series of tests on Beartterfly’s powers. Such as how fast she can fly, but then Hunter asked if he could go to the clouds on Beartterfly. 

“I guess there’s no harm in trying, Evelyn, do you want to...

The Story of Beartterfly: Chapter 2

“I just don’t get it, why can’t our parents see Beartterfly?” said Hunter. 

“I know. It’s super weird. Wait, maybe only kids can see her.” said Evelyn. 

“That would make sense except for the fact that you said that when you meet her, the kids bullying, you couldn't see her,” said Hunter. 

“Let’s ask Beartterfly what she thinks,” said Evelyn. 

“Okay, hey Beartterfly, why do you think no one can see you except us?” said Hunter 

“Well usually it’s people that I want to see me that can.”...

The Story of Beartterfly: Chapter 1

The next day Beartterfly saw a girl being bullied on the ground. Beartterfly being kind hearted swooped down to stand up for her. When she got there, Beartterfly took a deep breath and blew as hard as she could and the bullies got knocked over and then ran away. 

Evelyn thanked Beartterfly and asked what she was. She said she was a Beartterfly, the bear with butterfly wings. Evelyn said cool and asked if she wanted to go home to meet her parents and Beartterfly said yes. When they got there, Evelyn said, “Oh I’m sorry,...

The Story of Beartterfly: Prologue

Once there was a bear and this particular bear thought that clouds were cotton candy. She wanted to reach them so bad that one day she saw a butterfly. She wondered what it would be like to have wings. That night all that bear dreamt of was having butterfly wings. The next day she woke up and was floating. She then realized that she had willed butterfly wings into existence and she became Beartterfly. Then she soon realized that clouds are not in fact cotton candy but still enjoys the...