Evelyn decided to start the Beartterfly brand to highlight the playful yet empowered nature in all of us. She is bringing her designs to the world so we can all celebrate:

Whimsical. Powerful. You.

When she was eight Evelyn invented the Beartterfly one day while staring at the sky. She saw cotton candy shaped clouds and butterflies. She thought about bears looking to the cotton candy and wishing they could eat some. Perhaps their desire could cause them to magically grow butterfly wings. They would need multiple sets because of their size. Thus the Beartterfly was born. Evelyn explains that the Beartterfly soon learned that clouds were not in fact cotton candy, but it still enjoys the wings it willed into existence. She has since developed many different versions of the creature she created. They are all both whimsical and powerful, just like Evelyn!