GAP YEAR! Philadelphia Ganesha Festival & Indian Cooking.

I got to spend more days going to the Philadelphia Ganesha Festival, Then I met with Mr. Rasik Davda again to cook Indian food. Look close for the recipe!

GAP YEAR! Dog Training & the Philadelphia Ganesha Festival

I started dog training lessons with my dog Woodford. Woodford is a vizsla and needs training! Next I wrote about going to the Philadelphia Ganesha Festival. I printed some pictures from the festival.

GAP YEAR! Introduction & Hinduism

An introduction to my gap year and a little bit about Hinduism that I learned from talking to Mr. Rasik Davda and reading on-line.


Hello Everyone!

I'm Evelyn, the inventor of the Beartterfly brand. I'm currently taking a gap year between 5th & 6th grade to explore my interests and take a lot of field trips. I decided to share my journal with you. 

Spelling isn't the thing I'm best at, so please forgive misspelled words in my journal. When I type a blog post I make sure to edit it with spell check and Grammarly, but not with my journal. 

The journal I'm writing in is made of scraps of fabrics from making saris that have been recycled to make a fun cover. The...

The Story of Beartterfly: Chapter 5

The next day, the children are still shocked that their mother is pregnant. When they woke up and looked for Beartterfly in the closet, she wasn’t there. Frantically, they searched the room in hope to find their friend but no luck. After several days of looking, the kids finally gave up.