The Story of Beartterfly: Chapter 1

The next day Beartterfly saw a girl being bullied on the ground. Beartterfly being kind hearted swooped down to stand up for her. When she got there, Beartterfly took a deep breath and blew as hard as she could and the bullies got knocked over and then ran away. 

Evelyn thanked Beartterfly and asked what she was. She said she was a Beartterfly, the bear with butterfly wings. Evelyn said cool and asked if she wanted to go home to meet her parents and Beartterfly said yes. When they got there, Evelyn said, “Oh I’m sorry, my name is Evelyn and I’m ten years old. I like baking and ballet and I’m learning lacrosse. My parents names are Janett and Jim okay?” Beartterfly nodded her head. “Hey mom and dad, there’s someone I want you to meet. This is Beartterfly.” “Honey, who are you talking to,” said mom? “Beartterfly the butterfly bear standing right here.” “Whatever.” said dad. So Evelyn and Beartterfly went to her room. Evelyn just didn’t know what was going on why her parents can’t see Beartterfly. “Maybe you’re invisible and only I can see you.” All of a sudden, my brother Hunter came in and screamed, “Bear! Bear!” my mom and dad came into my room and told Hunter to settle down and that there was no bear in my room. 

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