The Story of Beartterfly: Chapter 3

“We did it, they are gone,” said Hunter excitedly. 

“Okay, but now what do we do?” said Beartterfly. 

“Well we can go to this abandoned warehouse on 11th street. I heard it's been vacant for 20 years!” said Evelyn. 

“Sure,” said Beartterfly. 

Once the group got there, they performed a series of tests on Beartterfly’s powers. Such as how fast she can fly, but then Hunter asked if he could go to the clouds on Beartterfly. 

“I guess there’s no harm in trying, Evelyn, do you want to come?” replied Beartterfly. 

“Sure?” said Evelyn. 

So they stepped outside and Evelyn and Hunter got onto Beartterfly’s back. Then they were off. Beartterfly flew so high up, but Beartterfly could find no clouds around. Then finally they spotted a little cloud in the distance. When they reached it, the wind was so strong that Beartterfly could not climb atop to see her family. After a while, she became discouraged and they turned back, but all of a sudden, Hunter flew off of Beartterfly. Beartterfly swooped down and caught Hunter just barely before he hit the ground. The rest of the ride to Evelyn and Hunter’s house went smoothly and without detection. When home, Hunter and Evelyn made a bed for Beartterfly in Hunter’s walk in closet. Next, the siblings raced to get in their pj’s to look sick. Before their parents came home. 

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