The Story of Beartterfly: Chapter 2

“I just don’t get it, why can’t our parents see Beartterfly?” said Hunter. 

“I know. It’s super weird. Wait, maybe only kids can see her.” said Evelyn. 

“That would make sense except for the fact that you said that when you meet her, the kids bullying, you couldn't see her,” said Hunter. 

“Let’s ask Beartterfly what she thinks,” said Evelyn. 

“Okay, hey Beartterfly, why do you think no one can see you except us?” said Hunter 

“Well usually it’s people that I want to see me that can.” said beartterfly. 

“Where did you come from?” said Evelyn. “I came from the clouds I think” said Beartterfly. 

“Oh no! Hunter it’s 8:00. We’ve got to get to school.” said Evelyn. 

“But what so we do with Beartterfly?” said Hunter 

“How about we pretend we are sick so we can stay home with Beartterfly?” said Evelyn. 

“ I know exactly how. I saw it online. You can heat the tip of the thermometer on a lamp and make baby food soup to look like you threw up!” said Hunter. 

“Perfect. You go make the soup and I’ll tell mom we’re not feeling well.” said Evelyn. 

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